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Clearing or Sealing Your Criminal Record in Texas

If you have been arrested for committing a crime, then you know how greatly your life can be affected in the time that follows, even if you weren't actually convicted. Simply having an arrest on your criminal record, regardless of the circumstances or the outcome, can hinder many aspects of your future. Luckily, you do not have to be haunted by your past, and record expungement is available to you should you decide to go down that path.

As you probably know, having a clean record is extremely important. An arrest or conviction on your record may harm your future chances at employment, education, and housing to name a few. Even if you were only arrested and not convicted of a crime, it can still show up on your record which is reason enough to contact an attorney for help with the expunction process.

Why seal my record?
If you have a criminal offense on your record, you may not realize just how damaging this can be to your future. Even if the crime took place many years in the past, it can still come back to haunt you. Every detail from your trial, including you arrest, charges, conviction, and sentencing, will be available to the public. As the internet has made this information easily accessible, the number of people that have access to your private affairs is staggering. A mistake in your past could affect your ability to get a job, housing, loans, and attending college.

Not everyone is able to qualify for this helpful tool. By meeting with a San Antonio expunction attorney from the team at Tylden Shaeffer, Attorney at Law, P.C. you could discover if you can move forward with your life. You could be able to tell employers that you have no criminal background and much more.

Once your criminal case has been resolved, you deserve a fresh start. But how can you do this? An expungement or having your criminal record sealed may be options for you to look at. San Antonio expunction attorney Tylden Shaeffer provides record sealing and expunction services for individuals wanting to clear their record. Attorney Shaeffer can help you get the fresh start you deserve for your future. He is dedicated to helping his clients with their expungement and record sealing needs throughout Central Texas, including the cities of San Antonio, Seguin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Bandera, Boerne, Kerrville, and other central Texas cities.

There are many benefits of having your criminal record expunged:

  • Tell employers that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • Become eligible for student loans
  • Become eligible for housing assistance
  • Become eligible for professional licenses and certificates
  • Tell friends and family that you have not been convicted of a crime
  • You will have nothing to hide when someone does a background check on you

San Antonio Expunction and Record Sealing

Record sealing is the process of sealing arrests and convictions from your public record, only allowing certain law enforcement agencies access to continue to view them. This is accomplished through a Petition for Non-Disclosure. Expunction, on the other hand, allows for the erasure of your entire criminal record as though it had never occurred—including all computer records and reports relating to your arrest and any charges that were pending against you in court. Expungement or sealing of your criminal record is only available to you if you qualify under the law. A Criminal defense lawyer can review the circumstances of your case and inform you if you are eligible under Texas or federal law.

Only a qualified criminal defense attorney such as Tylden Shaeffer can assist in the process of sealing your arrest records, expunging your criminal convictions or sealing your juvenile record. Contact his San Antonio office today to discuss all matters involving your past criminal defense case.

Interested in sealing your criminal record? Contact expunction attorney Tylden Shaeffer today!

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